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Trooper's recording history

Trooper's first album, was released in 1975. "Baby Woncha Please Come Home" and "Good Ol' General Hand Grenade" became the band's first hits.

In 1976, they released "Two For the Show" - their first gold album. The title song went to #1 and "Santa Maria" top five. The album later went platinum. Their next LP, "Knock 'Em Dead, Kid", which included the hits "We're Here for a Good Time" and "Pretty Lady", was certified platinum in March 1978.

Their fourth album, "Thick as Thieves", contained the hits "Raise a Little Hell" (their first and only hit in the U.S.), "Round, Round We Go" and "The Moment That It Takes". It shipped gold, and later double platinum.

"Hot Shots", a greatest hits album, was released in 1979. The song "The Boys in the Bright White Sportscar", from the "Two For The Show" album, was included on the album and soon earned its 'greatest hit' designation. Hot Shots earned 6 platinum albums - the first Canadian album to ever reach this status. Six months later, "Flying Colors" was released, containing the hits "Three Dressed Up As a Nine", "Janine" and "Drive Away". The album was also certified double platinum.

In 1980 Trooper released their "untitled" album. Singles "The Real Canadians" and "Are You Still My Baby" received airplay but sales were disappointing. Money Talks was released in 1982 and "Only a Fool" was the single.

1989's "The Last of the Gypsies" contained the hits "Boy With A Beat" and "Thin White Line" and was certified gold.

The single "The American Dream" from Trooper's 1991 "Ten" album went top ten, and the ballad "Kids In Love" also received airplay on Canadian radio.

On Canada Day 2010 - 35 years to the day after their first ever release - Trooper released "Hits From 10 Albums", a retrospective that spans the entirety of their recording career. Containing hits like "Janine", "Three Dressed Up as a Nine", "Boy With a Beat", "Real Canadians", "American Dream" and "Thin White Line" - all conspicuously absent from Trooper's "Hot Shots" hits collection - the album's songs have been remastered by Craig Waddell of Gotham City Studios. Trooper's seventies hits, noticeably lacking in sound quality on the Hot Shots CD, were updated with a sonic strength and vitality not heard since the tracks were first played back in the recording studio. The CD collection also includes a ten-page booklet of detailed liner notes written by Ra McGuire, and many photos of the band taken throughout the years.