Super SUPER thanks for the fantastic performance @ Mattawa Voyageur Days 2015. It was great seeing everyone again in Mattawa –for the 7th performance that NEVER fails to please 100% of those in attendance…and they packed them in for sure!!!! Ra’s strong vocals literally scared away the nasty weather for the remainder of the weekend in Mattawa.

Please make sure that you pencil in a return to Mattawa Saturday July 29, 2017 when we celebrate Mattawa Voyageur Days 20th Anniversary with the Best of 19 in 20!!!!! This event will be voted by the fans…but we KNOW FOR CERTAIN that TROOPER will top the polls.

Jacques Begin
Mattawa Voyageur Days

Our guests are still raving about your awesome performance. Thank you for putting on a great show and making our evening ROCK!

Pencer Brain Trust Foundation

[In reference to the Canada Day festivities in Kanata, ON, one of Ontario's largest Canada Days, where over 30,000 people showed up for the 2013 Trooper performance.]

I just wanted to take a moment to give you, your crew and the guys from Trooper my personal thanks for an absolutely amazing show. My inbox has been flooded with emails praising the show, and many saying this was the best Canada Day in Kanata ever! And after 8 years of doing this, I wholeheartedly agree.

Thanks again for the amazing memories! Trooper definitely lives up to their mantra!
Arrive. Raise a Little Hell. Leave.

Diane McNulty

Just want to let all of you know what a great experience that was for me. The entire Band and Crew are great Ambassadors for Canadian Rock and Roll!! Professional both on and off the stage. WOW. Made my summer and perhaps my entire year! Again, thanks and hope we get to meet again.

Heidi Glueck
The Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton, Rock Music Festival

[Sent to Trooper's Tour Manager] It was wonderful working with you....as a presenter for over 25 years, you certainly are at the top of the list for favorite managers! Our committee agreed that TROOPER is definitely at the top of the list for working with us on accommodating the fans, (signing everything for our volunteers and sponsors!), the meet and greet, and working with our crew, tech, and volunteers. TROOPER - All great guys, respectful and courteous - you left a big impression, in high regards. And what a great show - everyone loved to hear those favorites! Certainly a big 'FIRST' for Steinbach - and a positive one.

Cindi Rempel Patrick
Steinbach Arts Council

Being a primary supporter of the Navan Fair we have seen many Bands perform over the years. One of the supporter benefits is that my daughter Patricia and I have the choice of which Band we would like to introduce. [In a previous year] we introduced [band name removed]. They gave a good performance but when the show was over they ran into their bus simply leaving a ton of disappointed fans.

This is where I really want to commend Trooper. This year we were excited to introduce Trooper and decided to buy some of your new CD's and bling and I tossed it into the screaming crowd. During the intro Patricia announced your new CD and how to get it at the side of the stage and we hoped that we would not look like idiots if you didn't show up after the show. And that is why I am writing you this email and this is the first email I have ever written to a band.

Thank you for being there for the fans after the show. During the concert it was totally obvious that you loved what you do and it showed. You are all great musicians and real professionals, Ra with your outstanding voice, Gogo you're a great showman (I know I called you Ozzy but that was meant in a good way), Brian you played that Strat like I wish I could, of course Scott and Clayton have the rhythm down just right. Your crew and specifically dreadlocks was very polite and a pleasure to speak with.

You've delighted your existing fans and made some new fans and along with raising a little hell you've now raised the bar to have been the best band to play at the Navan Fair. Have a great 35th and thanks for a job well done.

president, OakWood
Navan Fair Corporate Gold sponsor

Mattawa Voyageur Days have adopted Trooper as our own.

To all a HUGE thanks for an increadible Saturday Rock Where the Rivers Meet Mattawa Voyageur Days.it just ROCKED big time. Thanks for your co-operation efforts and full understanding especially when the huge storm hit right after the 54-40 performance and just prior to Haywire followed by a full evening of rain.

I noted that every one of you and every single band member really worked.and I mean worked hard !!!

Your professionalism is beyond description. We all look forward to working with you in the future.

Jacques Begin
Mattawa Voyageur Days

We have had nothing but rave reviews from our Trooper Cabaret. Tell the guys & pat yourself on the back for putting on a kick ass show.

Our preliminary financial statement on the evening has us profiting approx $xx,xxx.xx to put towards our ice surface replacement project.

Thanks again Paul, you guys lived up to your reputation & are professionals in every sense of the word. I am hoping we can work together again in the future.

Bryan Legrow
Parks & Recreation Director
Town of Wilkie

Troopers' performance last July at the Augusta Summer Jam was outstanding. The band lived up to and exceeded all expectations.

You are true professionals not only at your music, your conduct and public relations, your business ethics, the whole package is first class.

I look forward to seeing you again.

Scott Semple
Phoenix Promotions

I'm sure I won't be telling you anything you don't already know in saying that the crew, being the first humans usually encountered by the local PA and the lighting outfits, are a band's ambassadors. All too often for us local "hicks", the day is made miserable by the road manager and/or the techs or even the bus driver strutting in and complaining about everything from the PA to the hotel rooms. ... such has never been the case with the guys [Trooper] hire.

They’re thoroughly professional, courteous to a fault and in general, just great people. Their positive attitudes and personalities make the job of getting you set up and ready to go, and getting you out at the end of the show, a real pleasure.

They do you proud. Thank you.

Scott Howarth
Brandon MB

We have worked with Trooper several times over the past few years. From small town celebrations ... to sold out Mosaic Stadium and the ensuing post-game party for the 2007 CFL westwern semi-final. One of my fondest memories is sitting on my stage with Trooper watching the Roughriders kick the crap outta the Stamps to go to the west final.

The professionalism of the band and crew is second to none and I look foreward to working with them again next summer. At every show...barre none, Trooper delivers the goods. Every audience member is singing every word of every song. Even the new stuff, with such catchy hooks, by the end of the song the audience is singing along to the chorus that you'd think they'd heard the song a million times before. The fans are so excited to get to meet and greet the band after the shows, ear to ear grins; "I just met Ra and Smitty!!".

On a personal level, one thing that really makes working with Trooper special; after every show I've worked, Ra takes the time to come over to me and the rest of the crew and thank us for our hard work and cooperation... Richard, Craig and Randy are three of the best crew guys I have EVER worked with, funny and entertaining in their own rites...

Keep on rockin' guys. I can't wait to do it all again!!

Eric Stone, Nite Productions

Just wanted to let you guys know how we were all so impressed with [Trooper's] performance at the 2006 Brier in Regina.

There was allot going on in Regina that night...every bar in town put there best acts in to try & siphon off some of the Curling crowd. Not only did you fill the 5,000 seat venue but we turned away around 1,000 people!!

For days after your show people were raving at how good you guys were, I'd say half the crowd weren't born when [Trooper] started out!

It looked like you guys were having fun & that translated to your audience.

Your crew guys were a treat to deal with (another huge surprise) And as you know the crew sets the tone for the night before you arrive.

My congratulations on behalf of the Canadian Curling Association for a show that was one of the best of our 10 day event.

Thanks for making me look good you guys,

Roger Powell
Talent & Production
Canadian Curling Association

Bob Mersereau, in 'Canada's Top 100 albums' says: "There are clubs and festivals across the country where the annual Trooper show is practically an official holiday." Indeed, virtually all of their shows are sold out. Their audience ranges from the enthusiastic teens, singing along in the front rows at their all-ages shows, to the twenty-somethings for whom Trooper has become 'Canada's #1 Party Band', to the legions of baby-boomers who grew up with the band and still come out to Raise a Little Hell.

Beyond their popularity in traditional rock venues, Trooper has become an extremely successful draw at casinos, corporate events, city and municipal fairs and festivals, and, to the delight of many non-rock fans, Canada's largest country music festivals. With a repertoire of over a dozen instantly recognizable hits in their action-packed and entertaining set, it's no surprise that Trooper can successfully perform anywhere, any time.


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