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"McGuire's voice is every bit as good as on the records, if not better. But more than anything, you can tell these guys have fun playing."

The Suburban - Montreal

"Musically, Trooper was the best band ... Plus, I'm a Trooper fan from way back, and those guys have the best chops, sense of narrative structure and attitude..."

Edmonton Sun

"Ra McGuire was in fine form... gyrating across the stage like a Tai Chi dancer on speed. Brian Smith on lead guitar was brilliant, laying down enough frenetic riffs to keep hard rock aficionados in a hypnotic bliss."

Grande Prairie Daily Herald

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Trooper often receives emails from fans requesting the band play a particular show or city. Those fans should know that, in the vast majority of cases, the band plays no role in the choice of their tour stops. Most Trooper's shows are contracted as a direct result of a request made by an event promoter or venue manager.

The efforts of fans do help to bring the band to town and emails requesting a Trooper performance are better directed to the local people responsible for booking the entertainment for the event or venue in question.

Bob Mersereau, in 'Canada's Top 100 albums' says: "There are clubs and festivals across the country where the annual Trooper show is practically an official holiday." Indeed, virtually all of their shows are sold out. Their audience ranges from the enthusiastic teens, singing along in the front rows at their all-ages shows, to the twenty-somethings for whom Trooper has become 'Canada's #1 Party Band', to the legions of baby-boomers who grew up with the band and still come out to Raise a Little Hell.

Beyond their popularity in traditional rock venues, Trooper has become an extremely successful draw at casinos, corporate events, city and municipal fairs and festivals, and, to the delight of many non-rock fans, Canada's largest country music festivals. With a repertoire of over a dozen instantly recognizable hits in their action-packed and entertaining set, it's no surprise that Trooper can successfully perform anywhere, any time.

Read promoter testimonials from past Trooper performances here.


To inquire about booking Trooper, send an email to:

bookings [at]

Please include detailed information about the location, size of the venue, the type of show (e.g. festival, concert, casino, fair, convention, corporate, sporting event, cabaret/night club), the date (and if that date is negotiable), estimated size of crowd, proposed cover charge, and your combined budget for professional quality band, staging, sound and lights.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot proceed with your enquiry unless a preliminary budget is included in your information.

Have you promoted this or a similar event in the past? If so, please let us know that also.

It's important that you include your name and daytime phone number, the name of the sponsoring organization or venue, and the name and phone number of the person in charge of booking the event/venue if that is not you. You can expect a response to your enquiry within a few days.


All enquiries made to bookings [at] are monitored by Trooper. This is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to book the band. After we have determined your booking requirements, your enquiry will be processed promptly by Trooper's national agents at The Feldman Agency.

If you send an email booking enquiry, adding "" to your spam filter whitelist will help ensure that a response is not mis-filed.

If you don't hear back, your email was probably not received, or something went wrong with the reply. Please check your spam filter, and your return address for accuracy, and re-send.