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Promotional photo for the rock band Trooper, photo credit Kathy Bennett

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Promotional photo for the rock band Trooper, photo credit Kathy Bennett
Promotional photo for the rock band Trooper, photo credit Kathy Bennett
Promotional photo for the rock band Trooper, photo credit Kathy Bennett
Promotional photo for the rock band Trooper
Trooper performs at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics to a thrilled crowd
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Promotional photo for the rock band Trooper, photo credit Timothy Knittig
Promotional photo for the rock band Trooper, photo credit Stan Pietrusik
Promotional photo for the rock band Trooper, photo credit Gogo
Promotional photo for the rock band Trooper, photo credit Anthony Mackenzie
Promotional photo for the rock band Trooper, photo credit Andrea Carroll
Promotional photo for the rock band Trooper, photo credit Gogo
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It goes like this: millions of records, a couple dozen hits, a Juno Award (Canada's Grammy) for Band of the Year and ongoing sold-out shows across Canada. Universal Music acknowledges them as "one of Canada's top five selling bands of all time" and the Vancouver Sun has called them "Canadian rock heroes of the first order ... the best performing band in Canada".

In 2009, Peter Assaff of The Northern Light hailed Trooper's Ra McGuire and Brian Smith as "the Canadian version of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards" and Joel Rubinoff of The Record wrote, " ... this frolicking, rollicking showcase for McGuire's soaring pop melodies and whimsical wordplay is arguably one of the biggest Canadian bands of all time."

Then, as now, what makes Trooper what they are is great performances and great pop songwriting.

Trooper's ten studio albums have earned multiple gold and platinum awards and their 6 X Platinum greatest hits, Hot Shots, continues to be one of Universal Music Canada's best selling catalog CDs and one of the country's most enduring party soundtracks. In celebration of the band's 35th anniversary, a totally updated and re-mastered collection - "Hits From 10 Albums" - was released, featuring songs spanning the entirety of their recording career. John Kereiff, writing in Gonzo Magazine, dubbed the collection "THE summer album of 2010."

In 2012 Trooper songwriters Ra McGuire and Brian Smith were awarded SOCAN's prestigious 'National Achievement Award' to acknowledge their significant and lasting contribution to Canada's songwriting legacy.

"We're Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time)", "Raise a Little Hell", "The Boys in the Bright White Sportscar", "Two For the Show", "Pretty Lady" "Good Ol' General Hand Grenade", "Round, Round We Go", "Santa Maria", "Janine" - just a few of the Trooper hits that, according to writer Ryan Sparks, "have woven their way into the fabric of this country like no other bands have been able to do. Tune into any radio station from Vancouver to St John's and you're bound to encounter one of their dozen hit radio anthems that are still featured in heavy rotation to this day."

Dan Brisbois of writes, "They've won practically every Canadian music award possible and they've been dubbed 'Canada's Greatest Party Band' ... and rightfully so." Bob Mersereau, author of The Top 100 Canadian Albums wrote, "Trooper's Hot Shots has been one of the biggest-selling albums in Canadian music history. It has gone six times platinum, and sells consistently, as do tickets to Trooper gigs. There are clubs and festivals across the country where the annual Trooper show is practically an official holiday." Indeed, Trooper continues to consistently sell out shows across the country - often performing for three generations of fans - demonstrating that the band and its music remain borderless, timeless, and ageless.

It's no exaggeration to say that Trooper has become a Canadian legend. They continue to perform their huge collection of hits with the vitality and sense of humor that has served them well on their steady march through the hills and valleys of Canadian Rock and Roll.

Updated: 2013/02

A more detailed Trooper bio is available here.

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Promotional video with clips from "Here For A Good Time" and "Raise a Little Hell".
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Trooper - truly Canadian stars
Joel Rubinoff - The Record
"... a band as ubiquitous on this side of the border as maple syrup and Mounties, popping up every three minutes on classic rock radio despite a bad rap from critics for never having made it in the U.S. ... What they fail to acknowledge, and what becomes more apparent with each passing year, is that this frolicking, rollicking showcase for McGuire’s soaring pop melodies and whimsical wordplay is arguably one of the biggest Canadian bands of all time."
From '70s hits to Web hits
Vit Wagner - Toronto Star
"Granted, Trooper wasn't an "indie" outfit during its commercial heyday in the 1970s when the B.C. group rattled out a string of radio-friendly anthems including "The Boys in the Bright White Sports Car," "Raise a Little Hell," "We're Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time)" and the ballad "Oh Pretty Lady." But these days it's largely a DIY operation."
Forever Young
John Intini - Maclean's Magazine
"The guys from two vintage Canadian rock bands, Trooper and April Wine, walked into a bar following a shared gig in Saint John, N.B., this summer. "We got there around midnight, and [April Wine singer] Myles Goodwyn and I ended up closing the place."
Contemporaries salute Trooper
Tom Harrison - Vancouver Province
"The respect was evident. ... the assembled musicians backstage at the Commodore ... effusively complimented them on their singing (McGuire's) and guitar playing (Smith's) and for being an inspiration. ... Twenty years ago, Trooper would have been an anathema, but in 2008, McGuire and his partner, Smitty, have earned their reappraisal as relevant."
Ra McGuire: What a trooper
Mike Roberts - Vancouver Province

Q: What's the weirdest thing a Trooper fan has ever said to you? A: I got a package once from a guy who sent me a very thick collection of paperwork, documentation that proved that he was my twin brother, that we'd been separated from birth and that we had been robbed of our position as the rightful kings of Canada. That's funny now. It scared the living s--- out of me at the time.

Q: If you could play one venue, what would it be and why? A: Memorial Arena in St. John's, Newfoundland. Nicest people in the world.

Q: Are you still here for a good time or are you thinking a long time might be a better way to go? A: That's just so cheap! We've kinda proved we can do both successfully.

Q: In the movie, Trooper, who would play Ra? A: Oh, Bruce Willis, of course.

Q: After 30 years in the business, does Trooper ever get tired of the groupies? A: Oh yeah, we got sick of those just before we all got married.

Q: So you're all married to them now, right? A: I didn't say that! I did not say that!

Q: Who is General Hand Grenade? A: Poetry.

Q: What do the people who go to all those Trooper gigs do for a living? A: They all do honourable work.

Big Valley Jamboree
- Edmonton Sun
"...a testament to the band's timeless, borderless genre of music - a distinct, Canadianized, good ol' boy rock and roll fusion. Their performance at a country music festival will lend a different spice to the weekend - but they will fit in perfectly"
Still raisin' a little hell
Jim Slotek - Toronto Sun
"When JACK-FM debuted in Toronto last year, it kicked things off with a series of celebrity guest DJs, one of whom was CBC's Rick Mercer. On the morning he hosted, he announced he'd be playing "the greatest Canadian rock song ever." That song: Raise A Little Hell by Trooper."
Trooper invasion
Jennifer Geens - Northern News Services
"Just being Trooper opens doors to places ordinary tourists will never see. That includes remote Northern communities. 'It's the best part of the gig,' said McGuire. 'People feel we've spoken to them in some way, and it pays off. We get to do some seriously cool shit.'"
Real Troopers!
Mike Ross - Edmonton Sun
"They will play Raise a Little Hell, Boys in the Bright White Sports Car, 3 Dressed Up as a Nine, We're Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time) and ... holy crap, these guys had some big songs."