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Gogo has been writing Trooper Road Reports since 1996. His most recent dispatch, and all of the archived reports, can be found here.

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Keyboard player, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Gogo was born into a large musical family in Nanaimo, British Columbia in 1965. It is uncertain which milestone he reached first - learning to walk or playing the piano; quite possibly, both were accomplished simultaneously. Gogo joined his first band by the age of 12, and has never considered any other life path. After years of working with a myriad of talented musicians, Gogo joined Trooper in 1995.

Gogo possesses an extensive collection of vintage electronic instruments which have been displayed at the Royal British Columbia Museum, and he was one of the mellotron aficionados featured in the 2008 documentary film, "Mellodrama: The Mellotron Movie." A lifelong fan of keyboard/electric violin master Eddie Jobson, Gogo has dazzled Jobson's forum with his regular commentary and cartoons, and more recently as a forum moderator.

His current personal music projects (as songwriter/producer/videographer) include the debut albums by The Campfire Girls, and the newly formed Cashtones featuring the operatic brilliance of sisters, Chrystal and Samantha Cashmore. Gogo also contributed original compositions/performances on "Theme of Appreciation 1 and 2," both international multi-artist Jobson tribute albums.

When not touring with Trooper or otherwise involved in music-making, Gogo can be found near trees or beaches. A connoisseur of firewood, and a master splitter, he has overseen the building of houses and cabins of his own design, from Protection Island to Gogo Mountain, his fourth generation family estate. He keeps the spazz attacks at bay with his connection to the water, by swimming, boating, or just hanging in the bathtub capital of the world, Nanaimo B.C.

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