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Clay is active on Twitter as @claydrum.

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He has a MySpace page where you can listen to tracks from his new CD:

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And you can visit his Facebook fan page here.

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Born in South Porcupine, ON ("insert joke here," he says), Clayton Hill moved to Lions Bay, BC and then Campbell River, BC where his first band was named after the 30 feet tall "Big Rock" that sits on the shoreline near the south end of town.

Clay honed his drumming skills with a succession of bands, including those of the eighties "hair band" variety. "Rockin' with our ****s out," as Clay describes it. An education in 'feel', 'dynamics' and the intricacies of the 'shuffle' ensued - playing years of sold out shows with Randy Elvis Friskie, the Legends Of Rock & Roll and the Roy Orbison Story. Clay remains a committed Roy Orbison fan.

In the early nineties Clay played with Brian Howes (song writer/producer for Hinder, Faber Drive, Daughtry and Hedley) and in '95 he began traveling the world with the popular party band Luv Shak. By the time he hooked up with Trooper his list of favorite places included Shanghai, China, Dubai, Helsinki, Finland, the UK, and Barcelona, Spain.

Clay's proudest moment, though, was the birth of his daughter, Chloe. "She owns a heart of gold and seemingly has an old soul on fire within her," he says. It was Chloe who inspired Clay to write and record his first solo album, "Hurting To Feel", which will be released in May.

Clay has recently returned to Lions Bay, BC. "It may seem like I'm going backwards," he says, "but I appreciate this village and the inspirations it has to offer! My daughter and I live here and enjoy the nature, mountains and the spectacular sunsets that are masterpiece paintings everyday!"

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Clayton Hill honed his drumming skills with a succession of bands, and an education in 'feel', 'dynamics' and the intricacies of the 'shuffle' ensued - playing years of ...