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the endless party tour
2013 was rockin', with Trooper reconnecting with fans from Victoria, BC to Gander, Newfoundland and everywhere in between. Pictured is their Kanata, Ontario show where 30,000 people showed up to celebrate Canada Day with Canada's number one party band! Click here to follow Trooper on their Facebook page and be part of the real-time interaction taking place there - tour updates, behind the scene photos and fan reviews and rants. Or follow them on Twitter: @trooper.


Trooper (Official) Facebook Fan Page

Trooper on Twitter

[Re: favourite lyric] Hands is Boys in the Bright White Sports Car. My boyfriend at the time drove a very nice white Dodge Dart and I just loved it when this song came on the radio...or when he played it in the 8 track! I still enjoy listening to it after all these years...he doesn't have the car anymore...but I still have him!!

~ fan email

I would like to congratulate the great show and great performance at the done in the Winter Olympics, congratulations on the anniversary of the band and will do a show here in Brazil-Sao Paulo. Ps:Sorry for my english...not so good.

~ fan email

I told my husband that [he] couldn't get his Canadian citizenship till he memorized 'Raise A Little Hell' and it was part of the test.

~ facebook fan

Guys, your performance last night in Edmonton was amazing. The only way I can describe it is you are the most fun band I have ever been to. It's one thing to listen to your albums through the years, but to hear you live is another. Thank you for the "good time". Keep rockin'.

~ facebook fan

I first saw Trooper in Yellowknife, NWTand went to the show last night at the Century. LOVE TROOPER MUSIC. Awesome job! I will definitely make their next concert in Edmonton area

~ facebook fan

Thanks for coming to Cochrane, Ontario. If my friend hadn't dragged me out that night I wouldn't have known what great Musicians you guys are! I was choked. It was all so special for me. Trooper rocks!!

~ facebook fan

We bought each of our girls the 2 things every Canadian car must have...a snow brush and a Trooper cd

~ twitter fan

Simply Amazing Show!!! The bar has been set high, best concert to date to happen on that stage

~ facebook fan

What I enjoy is being in the grocery store when a Trooper song comes on and everyone is pushing their cart singing along.

~ twitter fan

"Raise a Little Hell" is to Canada as "Waltzing Matilda" is to Australia.

~ twitter fan
recent news and events
Trooper will perform at CanadaFest in Phoenix, Arizona in March with Bachman & Turner and Loverboy. The charity concert is presented by the Phoenix Coyotes.
Trooper hit "Raise a Little Hell" has been featured prominently in the new CBC TV series "The Best Laid Plans". (video)
Congratulations to the "Raise a Little Swell" team who won Gold in the Nanaimo Dragon boat festival. The womens team uses a slightly modified version of Trooper's famous track as their team song and name.
We received emails and tweets reporting that Terri Clarke opened the CBC's nationally televised "Canada Day on the Hill" concert at Parliament Hill in Ottawa on July 1st with her country cover of Trooper's "We're Here For a Good Time", and that she "nailed it"!
Trooper was on their way to perform in Calgary when the record-breaking 2013 flood hit and devastated the city and surrounding communities. Their thoughts are with their friends and neighbours in Alberta as recovery is underway, and the band shot this video to send their support. (video)
Ra McGuire co-hosted "The Grill" on TEAM 1410 Radio, with popular Vancouver radio personality Joe Leary and BC Lions star Angus Reid. Ra reports it was a spirited and fun hour. Joe reports that Ra now holds the record for 'earliest swear word in the show'. The show can be streamed and downloaded as a podcast at

Check it out! (photo)
Trooper's performance at the 85th Grey Cup in 1997 in Edmonton is named one of four BEST. "In addition to Trooper performing their awesome hit 'Raise A Little Hell' during this halftime show, we have to give lead singer Ra McGuire's jester style toque some major props." (article)
Video of CBC News' Arts reporter Deana Sumanac talking with Trooper's Ra McGuire and Brian Smith on the red carpet at the SOCAN Awards gala. (link)
Ra McGuire and Brian Smith received the National Achievement Award and three Classic Awards at the SOCAN 2012 gala.

"No Trooper song is more famous than the arena-ready rallying cry 'Raise a Little Hell' and, as it turns out, no Trooper song is much older, either.

As the Vancouver group claimed the national achievement award at an annual gala put on by the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada on Monday, they reminisced on the origins of their most enduring hit..." (full article)
For a second year in a row, "We're Here For A Good Time" was crowned "The Ultimate Summer Song of All Time" by up! 99.3 Radio.
Patrick Roberge, talent coordinator for the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, talks about how they choose bands for the major Canadian fair.

"We can mix it up as much as we want every year, with soft seat acts like the Manhattan Transfer or heavy groups like Our Lady Peace. We couldn't do 17 days of those acts because we have to do Trooper. Seriously, any year they don't play we hear about it." (full article)
In Pasadena NL, "Trooper the Band" finally met their namesake "Trooper the Cat", rescued in February by the kind hearted members of SCAPA in Stephenville NL, and now recovered enough to take a stretch limo ride to a rock show! With an entourage of radio and TV media, Trooper the Cat was the star of the show backstage. When interviewed by the CBC, Trooper the Band's Ra McGuire quipped: "He may be more famous than me but he's a lot shorter."

CBC TV News segment (starts at 5:19)
CBC News story
Congratulations to Canada's famous BBQ Chef Ted Reader on the release of his newest book, "Beerlicious: The Art of Grillin' & Chillin'". Ted names Trooper as his favourite Canadian rock band, and he's even been working on a "Raise a Little Hell" hot sauce that lives up to the name. So when it was time for this book, he reached out to Trooper, who happily reached back. It includes a note from Ra McGuire, and a recipe for General Hand Grenade Steaks with Kaboom Butter, the initial idea for which came from Trooper's Tour Manager, Paul Cloutier, who is a big fan of Ted's. "Beerlicious" can be found in stores and online. (link)
A new docu-soap TV series called Grand Benders, filmed in Grand Bend ON, premiered and will use a remix of Trooper's "We're Here for a Good Time", done by Robby Riggs, for the theme. (website)
Trooper would like to sincerely thank BC media superstars Red Robinson, Terry David Mulligan, Stirling Faux, Joe Leary, Tom Lucas, Dave Chesney, and Stu Ferguson for lobbying the powers-that-be to induct Trooper into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame (not to be confused with the Canadian *WALK* of Fame, for which voting ended a few days ago).

They've started a petition, which we invite all Trooper fans to sign. It can be found online here. (petition)
Congratulations to our own Clayton Hill, whose solo album was chosen as CD of the Week by the Vancouver Province! (link)
Congratulations to Trooper's Ra McGuire and his wife, Debbie, who have been recognized "for inspiring cultural harmony and championing the arts in education". The couple will receive the World Harmony Run Torch Bearer Award. Pretty impressive considering previous recipients include Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Mikhail Gorbachev and Mother Theresa! (White Rock hell-raiser inspires 'a little bit of peace' - Peace Arch News)
Popular HGTV TV series "Decked Out", with host Paul Lafrance, is using a slightly revised version of Trooper's "Raise a Little Hell" for their show theme, with the lyrics changed to "Raise a little deck".
Terry David Mulligan (mentioned here only days ago) has stepped up in support of Trooper's induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame with a tweet this morning referencing the impassioned White Rock Sun story below. @TDMulligan "Hey! Canadian Music Hall of Fame - why is Trooper NOT in the Hall. Come ON" (follow TDMulligan on Twitter)
The White Rock Sun, the digital 'paper of record' in Ra McGuire's beloved hometown, has made a compelling case for Trooper's induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.
CBC's Jian Ghomeshi Takes Issue With Trooper Cat Headline

"It may have been the headline of the day, or the week, or... ever. Here's the headline, ready? 'Rock Band Trooper Sends Care Package to Injured Cat.' Admit it, you love it. Ya know, before we get to the story, just a little nitpick. 'Rock band Trooper'? C'mon. Little too descriptive. Because in the minds of any Canadian, there's only one 'Trooper' - Ra McGuire, Brian Smith and the boys - those giants of late '70s Canrock that just keep rocking. 'Trooper' is all you really need to say."

Listen to Jian's very entertaining opening "Q" essay here, including his advice to the cats of Canada.
"Rock band Trooper sends care package to injured cat". That was the headline that caught the eye of CTV's Canada AM national news. Host (and Trooper fan) Jeff Hutcheson spoke on-air with Gwen Samms, the president of SCAPA (the Society for the Care and Protection of Animals) via phone to learn about "Trooper the Cat's" new relationship with "Trooper the Band". (read more)
"Vancouver's Most Awesome: Terry David Mulligan" is a very fitting title for this interview/article about the legendary music journalist (and really good pal).

In it, Mulligan is quoted, "You know one of my favourite bands, absolutely flat out one of my favourite bands, was Trooper. 'Cuz they knew how to write a rock 'n' roll hook. And they nailed it every time. All those hits that they've got, you hear them in any NHL rink all across the country? Cool, very cool." Thanks, TDM! (full article)
The Wrecking Crew was a group of west coast studio musicians who played on hits for many of the top acts of the '60s. A documentary tells their story in a "wonderful, touching and hilarious film" (Elvis Costello). Trooper's Ra McGuire was asked to host a Q&A with filmmaker Denny Tedesco at an upcoming fundraiser screening of the documentary on Sunday April 15th. Sadly Ra won't be able to host, but he encourages Vancouver area folks to attend the event and support the film, and fans everywhere to check it out when the opportunity comes to their local. (more info)
CBC TV series Arctic Air used Trooper's "Raise A Little Hell" several times throughout episode 107 - VANCOUVER IS SUCH A SCREWED-UP CITY. (watch)
Airborne 11 mashes-up Trooper's 'We're Here for a Good Time' with Bedouin Sound Clash's 'When the Night Hears My Song' ... live, in-flight, on a plane. (Video here)
Congratulations to band brother Clayton Hill who has just launched his new website for his new album! Go check it out:!
Edmonton's up! 99.3 hosted a musical tournament all summer "to determine the ultimate feel good song" based entirely on listeners' votes by phone and online. Trooper's 'Here For A Good Time' was declared the winner after beating out finalist 'Summer of 69' (Bryan Adams). HFAGT defeated 'Walk of Life' (Dire Straits), 'Beat It' (Michael Jackson), and 'Twist & Shout' (Beatles), among other popular songs, to get into the final. (link)
While in Halifax, Ra McGuire had fun geeking-out on music, Apple and the tech world in general with tech savant, writer, and musician Jim Dalrymple, also Editor in Chief of LoopInsight. Here is Jim's article about two nights hanging with the Trooper boys. "New and old bands could learn a lot from Trooper on how to put on a successful concert." (link)

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rick mercer's socan tribute to trooper
At Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, Trooper's Ra McGuire and Brian Smith were honoured to be the 2012 recipients of SOCAN's 'National Achievement Award'.

As part of the induction ceremony - MC'd by 'Good Rockin' Tonight' and Boom 97.3's Stu Jeffries - Canadian comedy legend Rick Mercer contributed this heartfelt and hilarious video tribute to his favourite Canadian band.

May 02 - Anzac AB - Recreation Centre

May 09 - Saskatoon SK - Prairieland Park

May 10 - Rosetown SK - closed private event

May 30 - Brooks AB - Centennial Regional Arena

June 06 - Halifax NS - Casino Nova Scotia

June 07 - Winnipeg MB - The Oak

June 11 - Calgary AB - closed private event

Details on these and additional Trooper shows here.
prestigious award
Trooper's Ra McGuire and Brian Smith received the SOCAN National Achievement Award at the 2012 Gala Awards ceremony on November 19th in Toronto.

In addition to the National Achievement Award, Ra and Smitty also received three SOCAN Classic Awards this year for "Raise A Little Hell", "General Hand Grenade", and "Janine". The Classic Award is presented for songs that have received over 100,000 documented radio plays, becoming deeply imbedded in the fabric of Canadian radio and culture. (read more)
shatner raises a little hell
Canada's favourite Star Trek captain "sang" a rousing version of Trooper's 'Raise a Little Hell' to open the 2012 Juno Awards. The song closed a 5-song medley that also included hits by Bryan Adams, Steppenwolf, BTO and Rush. Check it out here (Trooper at 8:23). (Photo: Wanye Cuddington / Postmedia News Service)
rick mercer raises a little hell
The 2012 season finale of CBC's The Rick Mercer Report featured Rick visiting the Peterborough Collegiate & Vocational School, outstanding winners of his Spread the Net Student Challenge - an effort to raise money to provide 25,000 bed nets to families living in malaria-endemic Guinea, West Africa. Rick and the students "Raise a Little Hell" over threats of the school's closure. Watch the full episode online here. The "Raise a Little Hell" segment starts at about 13:29.
terri clark - here for a good time
CCMA Female Artist of the Year performs "We're Here for a Good Time" at national awards. Track hits Top 15 Top 10! on the Country Radio chart. (more)
raise a little hell - big band style
Is this the best cover ever done of "Raise a Little Hell"? We think it's definitely a contender! And with horns, fiddle, and combat boots, no less! Jet Stream is not what you'd imagine a Royal Canadian Air Force Band to be. Check out this rockin' arrangement of "Hell" they played on Winnipeg Breakfast Television with BT Host Drew Kozub.
TPB raise a little hell